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Risk Management

Risk Management

While most people think of risk management as focusing on insurance, the true goal of risk management is to identify, analyze, oversee, and monitor the potential risks that could severely impact your company.

Griffin Advisory Services will examine your company’s strategic objectives, operational, reporting, and compliance risks. We recommend companies undertake a comprehensive, focused assessment of potential risks at least annually to:

  • review operations
  • identify potential threats and the likelihood of their occurrence
  • establish contingency plans and / or take appropriate actions to address the most likely  occurrences

The assessment should be carefully planned, documented and methodically carried out.

The best risk management protection includes:

  • identifying business risks relative to competition, products, and markets
  • sound management of people, computers, records, and facilities
  • up-to-date personnel policies and procedures
  • well-designed insurance coverage
  • disaster planning
  • protecting against fraud, forgery, theft, and terrorism
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